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2014 Chinese Horoscope Predictions

Chinese horoscope predictions for 2014- Year of the Wood Horse

Friends as we have already seen in the various calendars the new Moon on January 30th at 11.20 pm though listed as January 31st in many calendars, bring upon Joy and begin the Chinese New Year which is Year of Horse this year. As per the astrology the Horse year is considered to be a very fortunate and energetic year which brings luck and good things along with it. The epic behind this is Magical Horse is considered to have supernatural powers, strong, is brave and heroic, and also can fly. A white celestial cloud horse is believed to sacred to the Chinese Goddess Kwan Yin that flies through the heaven, bringing peace and blessings. Also Horse is considered to be a Hero in China, as many important and major battles were won with the horse’s power and strength.

As Horse’s cycle is the seventh early branch in the Chinese medicine which symbolizes June, the fifth Lunar month, which is the time of Gemini, Horse’s western counterpart. Also guys, as per the Chinese medicine, Horse’s earthly branch are element Fire. All the 12 Chinese astrology signs are assigned two hours of the day, the horse hours are 11 am-1 pm which includes the afternoon heat.

The Chinese New Year is on the eve of spring festival, which begins after the New Moon immediately after the winter solstice, along with the celestial bodies- Sun and Moon in Aquarius.  This time the New Moon initiates with the Fire Tiger making energy which is very lively and strong because the horse year is beginning departing from the slower energy of the last year which was the year Water Snake in 2013.

2014 Chinese Horoscope Predictions
2014 Chinese Horoscope Predictions

The Wood Horse year marks the time of unexpected adventures, great victories and surprising but sweet romance. This year is excellent for travelling, and also marks high energy and highly productive year. In case you are not 100% sure about any decision better don’t take that path.

Friends, who are born in the Horse Year, you normally tend to be very bright, popular, delightful, and obviously fun loving. You love to party and you generally find people and crowd exciting. Horse’s childish innocence, natural charm, and inherent sunny disposition attract and help you have lots of friends. You have the ability of keen judgement and your natural intuition often lead you to the right path and help you take right decisions throughout your life. Horse’s born people generally don’t need to struggle much for achieving success and the fine things in life. Of you all who are born in a Horse year are blithe in nature and need large rooms to express themselves. Like a proud horse rebels when constrained by rules, you as well refuse to be controlled or ruled upon. Horses are frank and straight forward and generally don’t like to maintain hidden agendas. So it’s your time to be open and straight forward towards your family and friends, as the year of secrecy the Snake year has passed by. It will make your life easy and better.

The Horse year a risk taking fast moving year everybody is waiting to make up for their losses, looking for big bucks and success. So let me inform you, people who are born in the time, month, date, year of TIGER, SHEEP, HORSE and DOG luck is strongly with you. Lucky hours for the various signs will be:

1.  Horse- 11 am to 1 pm
2.  Dog – 3 m to 5 am
3.  Sheep- 1 pm to 3 pm
4.  Tiger – 7 pm to 9 pm

Friends of whom you are born during Horse hours i.e. 11 am to 1 pm, you should follow your instincts and it will lead you to your goal. Especially summer is the most fortunate time for you this year.

In case you are born in the Tiger Hours i.e. 3 am to 5 am, it is your time to be a leader and work independently.

If born at the time of Dog hours i.e. 7 pm to 9 am, you are in the right time and place, you will be able to keep up with the time and manage yourself when others will find it hard to keep up with the pace of the fast Horse Year.

Also, for the people who are born in the Sheep Hours which is 1 pm to 3 pm, you have a great luck for romance life. Generally, great pair is formed when a Romantic Horse is paired with a sensitive and kind Sheep, and opportunity can come on your way in this Horse year.

Now let’s have a look at all the horoscope signs and as per the Chinese horoscope predictions for 2014 how this Horse New Year will go for you.


rat 2014For the Rat horoscope, friends your year 2014 will gonna be a bang for you, as this New Year will bring you new challenges which will be sky high but as you belong to the witty and smart category, you will welcome these challenges gladly. Friends, for you the work place will be your main battleground, new competition and chance will make you groove your work.  Folks who are looking for new jobs might get a gym trainer job this year. But all these good time unfortunately will last only for the beginning half of the year after which chance will get slimmer.

Rat sign people, you have a natural ability for the analyzing and taking care of complex problems and situation and jot down the best solution for it which help you reach high places. You need to take out breaks and leisure time for your health and family, you are workaholic but you have to balance your between all these. Take care of your health, negligence might lead to breakdown in your health, so friends get conscious and give the time for the body to rest and relax, do some exercise, obviously to mention a healthy diet, yoga and regular warm ups which will keep your body from these issues.

Love lives will work fine, relation you’re your mate will be in harmony unless any external force do intervene. Finally, to the financial issues, money might become a tricky issue, though inflow of money will be there but still saving and hold backs will completely depend on your self-efforts.


ox 2014Next looking at the Ox Horoscope, oxen 2014 will bring uncertainties to your life. Though you might be hard working and dedicated, still the work pressure will be high and the competition might tempt you towards taking wrong measure. Don’t let the office politics lose your temper; have lookouts for alternate jobs so that you keep up the working spirit. It will be advisable that you must be true to your selves and don’t let yourself get distracted or overpowered by the wrong things. Love matters as well don’t look promising. Trust issues may become a bane to your relation.

Friends, please give more time to it; that will take care of things and put this hurdle aside. Singles don’t be enervated by this as 2014 will be a lucky year for you to look for your life partner. Coming down to the matters concerning finances and monetary issues, they might become a cause of distress as well. The money will be enough for you to keep your normal basic life needs going smooth, but in case if you have any lavish idea in your mind, it will be good if you keep that aside for now.

2014 may be hard on oxen health as well, to be specific concerning area are head and stomach. Maintain a healthy diet, practice meditation and exercise keeping the stressed mind at bay.


tiger 2014My tiger friends 2014 predictions has good news for you as its going to be a lucky year for you. You might face major changes made for you at your workplaces, welcome them and get adapted to these and don’t get nervous, it will be beneficial for you. Many opportunities will open up for you in this Horse Year, just grab them.

Financially you will be secure and will gain money from several sources such as promotions, or hike at your work, and even chances of victory might be there. Coming to love matters, moving into a new relationship might make things complicated, trust will be the reason for unhappiness and secrets will be revealed about your partner.

Health wise no such problems will arise but still efforts are needed to be taken. Have the balance between too bad and too good. Give more attention and time to the spiritual matters.


rabbitFriends the year may be quite hectic, since you are pretty energetic it won’t be much of a trouble for you. But as we know from the rabbit and the turtle story over confidence might let you down so better and hold back down to the earth. Work might engross most of your time which might keep you at distance from your family. So have the balance between the two.

Friends will be there by your side supporting you especially during times of travel, financially no such issues will arise and things will be smooth unless you take any decisions hastily especially in matters involving big money. There are chances in 2014 that you may acquire ancestral property.

As there will be a too much travelling this year, it will be an addition to your expenditure but the money spent will be worth. In love matters there may be some distress, but enough time spent between each other might solve these issues, for the singles it might not prove lucky as well in getting a new partner, but keep up your charms, miracles can always happen. Eat healthy and stay healthy!


dragon 2014My dragon friends 2014 might me gloomy and lifeless for you; work wise you might not see any amelioration. But workflow will be continuous, as co-workers might not co-operate much with you at your work place avoid losing your nerve.

Financially, you must take care as if not handled wisely it might incur losses. Guys you must know to consolidate when the matter is at your hand, than bringing new resources which might be a failure. There might be some enhancement after the 1st half of 2014, as you might gain some money through ancestral property. Concerning about love life, things look better.

Dragons as don’t maintain calm and cool terms with their partners, it will be strongly advisable that learn to compromise. Singles, don’t get hasty, you might end up with wrong people. Health wise no such problem except some day to day discomforts which might not concern you at all.


snake 20142014 will be an exciting year for the Snakes. Workplaces will boost your life, where you will encounter with new projects that will help out excavate your hidden talents to the people around you. Co-workers might show up some competition but will are a person who likes challenges.

Your boss and seniors will show more confidence and trust towards you in bigger matters. All these might lead to your promotion in the industry. Financial comfort will be there, but you have to prevent yourself from getting driven away by all these excitement, as it might lead to lavish extravagance.

Coming to roses and sweets, 2014 is great for relations. Married people might have their first offspring; singles might have change in their single status. With so many excitements you might neglect your health guys, but it might land you in to serious problems. So do take care of your health, maintain a proper diet and stay healthy and active.


horse 2014You Horse guys will have a year full of excitements ahead. As this is a New Year you will meet new ventures with successes. But stay down to earth and don’t be proud of your successes. 2014 might involve you into social work.

This new year will be a boon to you financially; you might have great new deals and make loads of profit out of it. Romance life, friends you have to steady with your choices and wise in your decisions.

Give your relations more time that it deserves, things will we serendipitous and fall in to its own good places. It will be advisable that health wise look after your lungs and chests. Problems might seem small and simple but if not taken care it will blow up to be huge.


sheep 20142014 will be a lucky year for you Sheeps. Opportunities will be arise, grab them and make the most out of it; your seniors will be very supportive and praising towards you. In this New Year, you will be rewarded for your hard work and dedication.

Hike and promotion in work is on your way, for love birds, love is in the air in 2014. But don’t always push every matter in your hand and let it have its time it deserves, it will strengthen your relationship bonds. Singles you might soon be getting your partners, but it might not last for a long term.

This year will be prove to lucky financially, monitory sources will not be a problem, proper usage of the earned money has to be taken care off. You will try to give more into your relation, and try to impress your new mate, which might dig a deep whole into your pocket, so spend wisely. Health will not be of much concern, regular warm ups, free hand exercises will be advisable.


monkey 2014My friends, whom you belong to the Monkey sign, let me tell you, 2014 is going to be a set of mixed fortune for you. Don’t be too hasty in taking decisions, take them wisely, and think twice before you head for any path. If you take up some work, don’t leave it in the half way, its negative effects might overcome your previously earned achievements.

Take care of your weakness, as you tend to get distracted soon. You have to have a control over intentions towards something which might look good, it might end up not to be so true.

Coming to financial matters, don’t be greedy and make huge investments. You have to restrain yourself from unnecessary spending of money. Save wisely for your future.

Love life seems to be smooth; singles might need to put more effort to get back their lost charm. Health wise proper diet has to be maintained, don’t neglect small problems, it might take up a bigger shape in the future.


rooster2014 brings you a bag of mixed fortunes. In work place you have to be quick and adaptive. It will be suggested that you move in with the surrounding crowd or you might fall back in time. Financially the initial months will be happy, but you might have monitory distress.

Don’t be very generous as you generally are and keep this generous nature in control; otherwise you may run in debts. Love lives look dull or broke. Disagreements between married couples can be found, singles might remain single mostly, if found a partner it might not last longer.

Friends will support you in need. Health wise you will be great; but don’t be a prey to pressure and tension. Meditation and yoga will make miracle.


dog2014 will make you set back and will make you think about your past. Change might come, which will be effective and you will get new jobs, it will bring out new talents in you. Finally financial matters need your attention, as 2014 might bring too many commitments to fulfill and give attention to. For your loved ones spend wisely otherwise it will burn your pocket.

Love matters might be tricky, married folks will find difficult to stay with their other halves and same will be for singles as they might not get the right one for themselves. Control your short temper. Health wise life will be smooth, but still do maintain a balanced diet as stomach seems to be your weak area.


pig 2014Guys 2014 is at your favor especially in the business field. You are most likely to emerge the zenith in your work places. But don’t get carried away with your success. Love lives seems to be smooth, where married folks will be thankful and happy towards the continued peace and harmony which has sustained between the husband and wife, to addition to the delight you might have a new member in your family this year.

All my single friends, you will continue to enjoy your single status, and glorify your status by happily flirting around. Opportunities will emerge for you to earn money, but should be spent wisely. Your urge to help and assist the needy should be done carefully, don’t get fooled and be sure your money is used in genuine causes.

Health wise you might indulge yourselves to a lot of unhealthy, fast foods, but don’t forget, think twice before you eat, as you guys possess a delicate stomach. If not taken care of, you might have sleepless nights due to headaches, stomach ulcers and indigestion problems. Herbal tea, regular exercise and proper diet can be the remedial solutions to these problems.

To summarize, this was all about the Chinese predictions for 2014, make the best use of these predictions and lead a happy and easy life. A great chance of wild fortune and surprising sudden gain is waiting for you in this Horse year. But odds will be much better if your birth year, month, day or birth hour are Horse, Dog, Sheep and Tiger.

Don’t feel enervated if these animal’s signs are not in your 4 pillar chart, step aside and just take your seat in the front row to the Horse race. It will be either all or nothing as life is gonna move fast than are gone in a gallop.

Wish you a great New Year ahead !

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